Download CCleaner Browser 2022 for Windows

Download CCleaner Browser 2022 for Windows Download CCleaner Browser 2022 for Windows – CCleaner Browser 2022 is a new web browser using the Chromium engine. This browser was created by the Piriform team, which is responsible for the popular CCleaner software to clean and optimize Windows and Android operating systems. This browser is made with an emphasis on the security and protection of your privacy while maintaining the Internet network.

CCleaner Browser 2022

Piriform has quietly launched an advanced web browser named CCleaner Browser based on the Chromium engine for Windows machines without prior announcement, now the browser is available for free download here or on their website.

Although browsers like Chrome and Firefox are widely known and very secure web browsers, some third parties also note that this browser is not inferior to other browsers because it is based on additional features that make it more secure and stable, so it is worth trying CCleaner Browser 2022. CCleaner itself was developed by Piriform, which currently belongs to the famous avast antivirus, they have released a new secure, stable and fast web browser called CCleaner Browser. This browser is based on the Chrome web browser, but adds some of its own improved security features.

Comes with a clean user interface, CCleaner Browser 2022 latest version is very thick with the appearance of Chrome, except that the icon is different from the display of tersediri. It comes with additional unique icons added to the main toolbar. By clicking on this icon, you can quickly open an interface from which all additional features added by CCleaner can be disabled or enabled as you wish.

Download CCleaner Browser 2022 for Windows
Download CCleaner Browser 2022 for Windows

This CCleaner browser is equipped with its own internal cleaning tool available called “Privacy Cleaner”. provides web security such as phishing protection, HTTPS encryption and anti-tracking. You can enable and view all the toolbar features provided by the browser from the security and privacy center menu.

CCleaner Browser 2022 for PC has been integrated with its own ad blocker, Flash Blocker, Stealth Mode, password Manager, privacy Cleaner, Extension Guard, Webcam Guard and Video Downloader.

Some other interesting features displayed in the main panel are available in this web browser, so they don’t add anything new. for example, a password Manager already exists directly, without the need to add extensions, but the shortcut must be activated in the Central security and privacy control menu.

It can be said that this CCleaner browser 2022 is the same as the Chrome browser, so it can do the same thing as most browsers using Chromium computers, but Piriform adds some excellent features for added security that can block various malicious sites and protect your personal data from prosecution. very harmful phishing.

Download CCleaner Browser 2022 for Windows

Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit.


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