Download Geek Uninstaller 2022 Latest Version

Download Geek Uninstaller 2022 Latest Version

Download Geek Uninstaller 2022 Latest Version – In fact, Windows already provides an uninstall feature to uninstall the software. However, this function cannot clean the files that remain after the deletion process is completed. Unlike the case with Geek Uninstaller 2022. This software will try to delete the files completely.

Geek Uninstaller 2022 is available for Windows XP and Windows 10. Portable versions are also available, but you still need administrator privileges to run it. Good news, this software developer also includes Indonesian as one of the languages supported by Geek Uninstaller.

Geek Uninstaller 2022

Geek Uninstaller 2022 contains only three columns, namely the name of the software, the file size of each software, and the installation date of each software. You can also use these columns to sort the software list. For example, if you click the Installed to column, the software that was last installed will appear at the top. Similarly, clicking the Size column at the top displays the program with the largest file size.

In addition, each software product that has just been installed (or has changed since the last launch of Geek Uninstaller) is displayed in a different color, so it is easy to identify. At the moment, orange is used, but in the future it can be replaced by another. As for other software, it is displayed with a white and gray background.

To uninstall the software, the fastest way is to double – click the target software. In the process, Geek Uninstaller 2022 will clean up the files left over from the software removal. The disadvantage of Geek Uninstaller 2022 is not a backup, such as Hibit Uninstaller, so you have to do it manually or let Geek Uninstaller cleanup without first backing up.

Download Geek Uninstaller 2022 Latest Version
Download Geek Uninstaller 2022 Latest Version

When you uninstall software using the default uninstall feature in Windows, the hard drive will eventually be filled with files that are no longer in use. Instead, you can use the free Geek Uninstaller.

As Thomas Cohen said as a developer, Geek Uninstaller 2022 is simple yet powerful software, and that claim is already well proven. Download the latest and free version of Geek Uninstaller from the link below:

Download Geek Uninstaller 2022 Latest Version for Windows

Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit.


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