Download HideMyAss 2021 Latest Version

Download HideMyAss 2021 Latest Version

Download HideMyAss 2021 Latest Version– Not all online content can be enjoyed as some of them are only offered for some countries. Material limitations based on these geographic regions are called geo-blocking restrictions. This issue also encourages many people to use a VPN. This possibility is used as best as possible by HideMyAss! By upgrading various servers, it is necessary to book more customers.

Hidemygirl today! Currently has about 1000 servers in more than 280 areas in 190 countries. With the amount of Web server and location as high as it is, chances are you will definitely find a geo problem that can’t be eliminated.

Download HideMyAss 2021

The Lightning Connect function selects a Web server automatically to select the fastest Web server. HideMyAss when you decide to select another area manually! will also definitely try to find a lot of Web servers quickly in these places.

To ensure that users do not have to turn on and off Hidemygirl! Often times, HideMyAss! Attempt to make it automated with the Automatic Connection Regulation feature so you can record protected networks. When it comes to various other networks, Hidemyin Direct! Will definitely be active when you are connected to all networks.

HideMyAss! Can be set up to always display the VPN activation confirmation or immediately run a VPN every time you connect to the Internet. Obviously you are also offered the option to allow the VPN connection manually.

To protect anonymity, the IP Shuffle attribute plays your IP address arbitrarily every half hour. You can make Hidemygirl if you feel the time is too short! To shuffle the IP once a day, or every 1 hour, 6 hours, or 12 hours. Customized options are also there to ensure that you can be more free in determining the interval of moments.

For convenience, the Split Tunneling function provides an alternative for you to define the connections that are supposed to be via the Hidemygirl server!. So, you can use the Mozilla Firefox browser to check the website via VPN and Google Chrome to surf as usual.

Download HideMyAss 2021 Latest Version
Download HideMyAss 2021 Latest Version

To keep the security as tight as possible, HideMyAss! Provide protection against DNS leaks, protect your links with 256-bit AES file encryption, and amplify the Web server from DDos attacks. When connecting to the HideMyAss Web server, the Smart Kill Switch feature also helps to stop data drops! Separate. There are 2 options allowed. Initially, activate the Eliminate Switch that will turn off the Internet connection when the VPN connection stops.

The 2nd option is the APP Kill Switch which will only block connections coming from certain software. Additionally, every time you run the software whose name is listed in the APP Kill Switch list, direct Hidemygirl! Will definitely activate the VPN connection to the software.

When you decide to pick one more place manually, Hidemygirl! As for various other networks, Hidemygirl soon! If you feel that your time is also short, you can create a Hidemygirl! The Smart Eliminate Change feature also helps stop information leaks when connecting to the Hidemygirl Web server! In addition, every time you run the software whose name is listed in the APP Eliminate Switch list, directly Hidemygirl. Download the latest Hidemygirl and free via the link listed below:

Download HideMyAss 2021 for Windows

Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit


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