Download IrfanView 2023 for Latest Version

Download IrfanView 2023 for Latest VersionDownload IrfanView 2023 for Latest Version – IrfanView 2023 is a very fast, stable, free, small, lightweight and innovative graphics viewing software for all versions of Windows. Some of its excellent features support many types of file formats, support various languages, thumbnail / preview options, and support animated slideshows (saving slideshows as EXE / SCR files can even be directly recorded to CD).

IrfanView 2023 for PC

IrfanView 2023 is a popular free software to open or read image file formats which can be installed on Windows operating system. In addition to being able to read image file formats, IrfanView 2023 can also be used as a medium to convert and convert image files and play a large number of files. video / audio format. Disadvantages that should not be taken into account are that it can not be used to create images and other coloring tools, such as paid Adobe Photoshop applications, Paint.NET, GIMP or Pixel. This IrfanView is specially designed for viewing images, video player and audio player with light in size but fast and not requiring significant resources of your computer system.

This simple and intuitive interface of IrfanView 2023 latest version is one of the most popular programs for viewing images. One of the best seeds is the ability to quickly open high resolution photos. In addition, the number of features offered is also very large, allowing you to use IrfanView 2023 more than just displaying images.

One of the very important features in image viewer software is the number of image formats it supports to open different types of images in different formats. In this case, IrfanView 2023 already supports popular image formats such as jpg, png, webp, bmp, psd, dng, eef, gif, crw, nef, ico, ani, cam, heic and many others.

Download IrfanView 2023 for Latest Version
Download IrfanView 2023 for PC

In addition, IrfanView 2023 for windwos also supports audio and video formats. Thus, IrfanView can also be used for video playback and music playback. Some popular multimedia formats are supported: wav, mp3, mov, mpg, wmv, avi, mp4, mkv and others.

if the image is displayed manually, a small window will appear after IrfanView opens the last image in the folder. The window gives users the ability to repeat from the first image or display other images in a subfolder.

Unique features such as simultaneous processing of multiple images are also available in IrfanView 2023. This feature is called batch conversion, and the cool language is rename package. The main function of batch conversion is to change the image format, while renaming the batch mode changes the image name.

IrfanView is very light and fast, although it has a lot of features. Compared to other programs for displaying pop-up images. rfanView 2023 for PC is able to outperform similar software for speed of opening images. The size of the installation file is also smaller, which is only about 3 MB. Download the latest and free version of IrfanView from the link below:

Download IrfanView 2023 for Latest Version

Download IrfanView 2023 for Windows 32 Bit | Download Here
Download IrfanView 2023 for Windows 64 Bit | Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit.


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