Download K-Meleon 2023 Latest Version

Download K-Meleon 2023 Latest Version

Download K-Meleon 2023 Latest Version – K-Meleon 2023 is a popular browser known for its speed of operations. The speed specified here is the speed of opening the browser itself. On older or lower-performance computers, K-Meleon opens faster than Google Chrome, Opera, Basilisk, Mozilla Firefox, Maxthon, and SlimBrowser.


The main purpose of the browser is to explore cyberspace through the Internet, as well as the latest version of K-Meleon in 2023. The developer of this application has developed this system for fast loading / unloading without much care about appearance. Thus, the functions installed in it are only necessary to make it easier.

K-Meleon itself is over 18 years old and it is still updated to the best versions. The latest stable version is still version 75.1 released in 2019 and using the popular Gecko engine, but the development itself is made up of K-Meleon 76.2 G, which uses the latest version of Goanna 3.4.4 released in 2023.

K-Meleon 2023 can contain several buttons under the address bar, each of which is used to block images, pop-UPS, javascript, java and cookies. Suppose you want to quickly browse without images, then all you have to do is press the Image button until the green icon turns red, which means the feature is active. Also, all images will be blocked when you browse the Internet. The function of these buttons is to activate or deactivate the corresponding functions. When we open a web page, these buttons make it easy to set up without having to open the main settings menu.

K-Meleon 2023 has its own profile Manager that allows you to create as many profiles as you need. You can configure this profile Manager to always appear when you start K-Meleon, so that you can choose which profiles to use to view, which will speed up your work.

Download K-Meleon 2023 Latest Version
Download K-Meleon 2023 Latest Version

The look when you open the K-Meleon window will be a bit nostalgic for Firefox’s old style, which is very simple and easy. The display menu and its functions are still similar to the classic browser in General. The first uniqueness you will encounter is the Cookies, Popup, Javascript and Image on / off buttons in the top left corner.

You can save each browsing session with a separate name. You can restore all saved sessions by clicking the session name in the Load session menu. When the session is restored, all open tabs will be closed and replaced by the sites contained in the session. Download the latest version of K-Meleon 2023 for free from the link below:

Download K-Meleon 2023 Latest Version for Windows

Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit


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