Download Real Alternative 2023 for Windows

Download Real Alternative 2023 for WindowsDownload Real Alternative 2023 for Windows – Real Alternative 2023 is a complete codec solution for those of you who want to play RealMedia files that have rmvb, rv, rm, rv, smi, rpm, ra, and smil formats on Windows operating systems. This software is specially designed as an alternative for users who do not want to use Direct Real Player. Unlike the case of a media player such as Real Player, Real Alternative only contains a set of codecs and a simple video player, so the file size is smaller, but it can play different types of video formats.

Real Alternative 2023 Latest Version

The video player software that is specifically included in the real Alternative 2023 installer is called Media Player Classic. This video player is very light but the features have very full features but not as full as Media Player Classic Home Cinema, VLC Media Player and PotPlayer. The real alternative to 2023, though not ideal, is enough to play different types of video formats. One of its great features also allows users to take pictures with videos and save them in a format .jpg, .png or .bmp.

Real Alternatifve is not without competitors. Based on the capabilities and ease of use of this program, the main competitor of Real Alternative is RealPlayer itself. But we believe that this software is good enough and reliable enough.

A real alternative 2023 latest version provides a Guide to codecs for free and distributed for free. There is also another version – Real Alternative Lite, which does not download the video player software to the installer containing only the video codec. However, the difference in file size between them is very small.

Download Real Alternative 2023 for Windows
Download Real Alternative 2023 for Windows

Real Alternative 2023 for PC is also easier to install than RealPlayer. For example, Real Alternative does not require a lot of hard disk space. unlike RealPlayer, which requires an administrator account to run the installation procedure. A real alternative that can be installed only by confirming the installation through the user account control (UAC) dialog box in the user account.

There is also a function of saving videos to favorites. Thus, you can access the video directly from Media Player Classic without having to go through the open file menu or open file Explorer. The unique Real Alternative 2023 is in the video playback position, it will also be remembered when saved as a favorite. For example, if a video is in the second minute when it is saved, then later the video will be played immediately when it is reopened via the favorites menu.

If you really want to play RealMedia files, real Alternative is the best option for you. Download the latest and free version of Real Alternative 2023 from the link below:

Download Real Alternative 2023 for Windows

Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit.


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