Download RealPlayer 2022 for Windows

Download RealPlayer 2022 for WindowsDownload RealPlayer 2022 for Windows – RealPlayer 2022 is a multimedia application for playing video, but it is not limited to the ability to view video. This sophisticated software, developed by RealNetworks, can also manage audio files, videos and even photos. comes with a number of other great features that are as interesting as being able to download various video files online and so on.

RealPlayer 2022 Latest Version

The RealPlayer 2022 display contains only three main menus, namely the “Now playing” menu, which serves to play various videos, manage library functions to manage files and web videos to search, play and download videos from the Internet. By default, when you start RealPlayer, web video is displayed, but you can change this condition by using the settings. Search results in web videos are also filtered by default to prevent adult content, but these filters can be easily turned off.

Many users choose RealPlayer not to play videos, but to download various videos on the Internet. How this feature works is similar to a Downloader app that can automatically detect videos being opened in the browser.

Once the video is detected, a download button will appear at the top of the browser where users can choose the quality of the video before downloading it. In this case, the highest quality that can be downloaded by the free version of RealPlayer users is 720p and the download speed is limited to 5 Mbps.

When the download process starts, a small window will appear that will show the download process until it is complete. After the video is finished, you can cut or change its format to mp3, aac, wav, wav, 3gp or mp4. Every video that has been successfully uploaded will also be included in the RealPlayer library.

Download RealPlayer 2022 for Windows
Download RealPlayer 2022 for Windows

Another great feature to mention is the video conversion feature, which allows users to change different types of multiple video formats at the same time. Before starting the conversion process, each video format supported by RealPlayer can be further customized to match the quality desired by the user.

Real Player 2022 is a multimedia software that will help you to be able to watch various videos very easily and quickly because of their simple appearance. You can share videos with your relatives or family who use mobile or computer devices easily and without the need to install the Latest RealPlayer software on their computer or mobile devices. Basically this software is an application that you can use to watch various types of video formats at this time, you can also edit the video, and then you can also easily upload it to the real player cloud and then you can share it to your friends on various regions.

Overall, the most interesting feature of the free version of RealPlayer is the video download feature. If you need an auto-detection feature as well as a video download button owned by IDM but not willing to buy the software, you can try using RealPlayer without paying a dime.

Download RealPlayer 2022 for Windows

Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit.


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