Download Speccy 2022 for Windows

Download Speccy 2022 for WindowsDownload Speccy 2022 for Windows – Speccy 2022 is a popular software that can provide various detailed statistics on every piece of hardware on your computer or laptop. Including information such as motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphics card, hard disk, optical drive, audio support and so on. Not only can Speccy 2022 also provide information about the temperature of various components such as CPU temperature, hard drive temperature and others, so you can easily see if there is a problem with the temperature rise on the device.

Speccy 2022 Latest Version

Speccy 2022 makes it easy for anyone, especially computer experts, to review the specifications of a computer in detail. Unlike the case of the default Windows feature, which displays system information in a report format that looks like it is, Speccy presents this information in a way that makes it more readable and easier to read.

Speccy was developed by a software developer who also made CCleaner, namely Piriform. On the official page there is a professional and free version, but the difference between them is not so great. In terms of features, the difference is in the auto-update feature, which can only be found in the professional version, while everything else is nothing but after-sales service in the form of extended support.

Features and use of Speccy 2022

The Speccy 2022 latest version display consists of only two panels. The first panel displays the name of the equipment, and the second panel provides information for each equipment. The background is quite dark with different text colors to make it easier for users to view the system information that was collected by Speccy.

Aside from the appearance, another factor that makes Speccy 2022 superior to the Windows system information feature is the depth of the information, which also includes the temperature and condition of the hardware. In this case, the user can see the temperature of the CPU, motherboard and hard disk. By default, the temperature is specified in degrees Celsius, but can be changed to Fahrenheit if necessary. Especially for hard drives, information about their status is also available.

Download Speccy 2022 for Windows
Download Speccy 2022 for PC

Another feature that needs to be activated is the display of metrics in a tooltip. Use this function to display the temperature of the motherboard, CPU, and hard disk when the mouse arrow is pointed and placed on the temperature icon on the taskbar. Another solution you can take is to set the Core Temp to display the CPU temperature and set the Speccy to display the temperature of the motherboard or hard drive. Thus, the user can see the temperature of two hardware components simultaneously directly in the system tray.

Download Speccy 2022 for Windows

Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit.


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