Download Ultrasurf 2022 Latest Version

Download Ultrasurf 2022 Latest Version

Download Ultrasurf 2022 Latest Version – UltraSurf is an Internet proxy program. This program provides multiple web proxies, the IP address you use when browsing will be replaced by the IP address that was set by UltraSurf. This software from Ultratech will also prevent the browser from storing information such as cookies and history. Thus, UltraSurf allows you to travel in cyberspace without leaving traces.

Ultrasurf 2022

The appearance of Ultrasurf 2022 is in the form of a small window that contains a number of main menus. Although the download speed itself is similar to opening Wordpad, although it works on a computer with low performance. The combination of simplicity of appearance and the loading speed makes It very practical.

Ultrasurf 2022 latest version does not need to be installed to run immediately. The Ultrasurf connection will be activated automatically as soon as the main window appears, so there is nothing else to do. You can then view directly from another IP address. To check if your IP address has really changed, you can visit sites such as, which are often used to check IP and DNS leaks.

When you close Ultrasurf, it displays a dialog box that provides two options, namely, close the browser or leave the browser enabled. If you want to close the browser every time Ultrasurf closes without having to go through a dialog box, you can activate the “Close browsers” option immediately after exiting.

Download Ultrasurf 2022 Latest Version
Download Ultrasurf 2022 Latest Version

Ultrasurf is quite easy to use. You don’t need to install, just run the file .exe. You can run it from flash memory or other external data storage, which is easy to carry anywhere. So you can use it on any computer, including public ones. UtraSurf 2022 is optimized to work in Internet Explorer, but this program can still be used and works well in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

UltraSurf is also free and unlimited. You can use it all day to browse various websites that normally cannot be opened because they are blocked. Remember, do not use Ultrasurf to open a Bank account. Because this software does not have features like automatic Kill-Switch which belongs to Cyberghost VPN. Ultrasurf is more suitable for working with Internet sensors. Download the latest and free Ultrasurf from the link below:

Download Ultrasurf 2022 Latest Version

Download Ultrasurf 2022 for Windows | Download Here
Download Ultrasurf 2022 for Linux | Download Here
Download Ultrasurf 2022 for Mac OS | Download Here
Download Ultrasurf 2022 for Android | Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit,  Mac OS, Linux.


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