Download WriteMonkey 2022 Latest Version

Download WriteMonkey 2022 Latest Version

Download WriteMonkey 2022 Latest Version – WriteMonkey 2022 is very different from Microsoft Word. The appearance of the look, Fritemonkey is clean from the menu and the bar. Tasks are also invisible because WriteMonkey is executed from the beginning on Fullscreen. There is only one part of the document to write what you want to write. WriteMonkey 2022 is designed this way because the main goal is to help you fully focus on what you write.

WriteMonkey 2022

In terms of possibilities, the two are different. Microsoft Word is more suitable for document processing, abstract preparation, Reports, surveys, research and other tasks. While WriteMonkey is more suited to creative writing related goals, such as writing scripts, poetry, opinion and blog posts.

Features and benefits of WriteMonkey 2022

Repository text

Each document in WriteMonkey 2022 Latest Version has its own repository. If you write something, you may have made a suggestion that was originally part of the introduction, but in fact it’s better to use it as the last article.

You can move this proposal to the tube and remove it from the document area so that it still looks clean. When you reach the end of the article, you can move the meaning of its position to the document area.

Shows the number of words in the document
Writers sometimes need a few words. With WriteMonkey you can see the number of words in each part of a document. Counts words that can be viewed directly below the document area.

Types of sound effects

WriteMonkey 2022 offers three types of sound effects for printing: Quill, Click Old Keyboard typewriter. You can adjust the volume for individual input effects of the number of Windows or other power devices, such as audio players. This way you can adjust the lower volume of the music sound coming from your audio player.

Spelling check in different languages

To check the spelling of words, WriteMonkey 2022 Latest Version contains only the American version of the English Dictionary by default, but you can add another dictionary. On the official WriteMonkey 2022 page there are several dictionaries that you can download and use for free. If that is the preferred language, such as Indonesia, you can add PDF, Firefox or Thunderbird dictionaries to WriteMonkey.

Download WriteMonkey 2022 Latest Version
Download WriteMonkey 2022 Latest Version

Create and modify themes

You can also create and save different themes. Then you can easily change the theme by choosing the theme you have created. When you create a theme, you can change the background color of the document, the Font, the character size and the Font color.

The main features of WriteMonkey 2022 functions for automatic storage and backup. Documents are automatically stored after you specify, for example, every 60 seconds or 120 seconds. These documents can also be saved automatically and you can specify the amount of backup if you wish. Download the latest and free WriteMonkey device via the link below:

Download WriteMonkey 2022 Latest Version for Windows

Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit,  Mac OS,


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